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Why A Blog?

What Is This Blog About?

Who Am I?

How Can You Contribute?

Why A Blog?

All Outdoors has created this blog in order to add more life to the website and provide an outlet through which guides and guests can share stories and information.There are not a lot of channels out there for rafters to communicate through… so we’re hoping this blog becomes one!

What Is This Blog About?

There are several goals here.

The first is simply to record some of the better river stories I either experience or hear.
Tu 12,500 033comp.jpgThe second is to provide information about any news or current events relevant to rivers and/or rafting. (I will of course have my own humble opinion on some of these events, but will be sure to tell the whole story in the process.)

The third is to extend the All Outdoors community; meaning we want to share aspects of the company and our lives that are not necessarily apparent on a river trip.

Finally, I will, from time to time, offer advice about flows, gears, books, etc.. Aware that I am not quite yet a whitewater guru (working on it), I will often defer to the vast knowledge and experience of such masters as the Armstrong brothers themselves. (They get embarrassed when people call them Sensai so I’d stay away from that one.)

Who Am I?

219048086203_0_ALB.jpgI started guiding for All Outdoors Whitewater Rafting a few years ago and have since become a bit addicted to river running. My parents are beginning to wonder why they ever financed that UCLA education in the first place and I really don’t have very much to say to make them feel better. (They don’t believe me when I tell them that an economics degree is actually very well-utilized while guiding.) But all roads did lead to this one and I truly believe I have one of the best jobs in the world.

This blog is especially fun for me to do because it combines two of my passions, whitewater and writing, into one activity. I hope it becomes a resource that is interesting, portrays the incredible impact rivers can have on our lives, and every so often draws a smile.

How Can You Contribute?


We would love to hear from you! As stated above, one of the goals of this blog is to share all those great river stories. If you have a good one or even if you’ve read a book or article you think is relevant, please send it in. I can’t guarantee you’ll see it on the blog but chances are you will.

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